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Mesopotamia and Persia under the Mongols in the Fourteenth Century A.D. from the Nuzhat-al-Kulub of Hamd-Allah Mustawfi


This is a study (London, 1903) of relevant parts of a precious register made by the 14th century official Hamd-Allah Mustawfi of Qazvin (also known as Qazvini) by the Arabist and historical geographer Guy Le Strange (1854-1933). Qazvini provides priceless information about Iran, Azerbaijan, Mughan and Arran, Shirvan, Gurjistan (Georgia), Rum, Armenia, and Mesopotamia. District by district, city by city, the author usually explains what revenue had accrued from a given area both in his own day, and in past times as well, providing a vivid picture of the general decline of the Mongol Il-Khanid state in the 14th century. In addition, Qazvini comments on the ruined condition of numerous cities and towns, the relative size and the trade of surviving cities, their noted religious sanctuaries, the types of crops grown in the countryside, and much more. 157 pdf pages. Book digitized by Google and uploaded by user Robert Bedrosian. [Note: Le Strange's later English translation of the Geographical Part of this important document (1919) is available as another Internet Archive download. Search on "Hamd-Allah Mustawfi".]

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